Four Types of Common Computer Viruses

You’ll Need Computer Repair Services For These

Computers are definitely reliable machines to have these days. They’re almost a necessity in your home, as they help us accomplish so much computing work. It’s hard to imagine life without computers, so when they fall victim to viruses, it can be a total nightmare. Make no room for any of these malicious threats in your computer, as they can damage both software and hardware. Luckily, you can have your computer restored thanks to reliable computer repair services, so watch out for any of these common virus types you might encounter:

File Viruses

Arguably the most common type of virus. You can unknowingly download them with the rest of the files you get from the Internet, so be safe when downloading content for yourself. When this type of virus makes its way into your files and documents, it can corrupt and modify them.

Macro Viruses

Macro viruses usually infiltrate word processing documents. They’re relatively harmless since all they do is mess up text and formatting, but you definitely don’t want them corrupting important files.

Boot Viruses

These were common back when computers were still a relatively new technology, although some are still present today. These viruses infect your system by rewriting codes and commands to control your PC, affecting the stability of your machine. If your computer is under threat, make sure to take it to computer repair services for expert virus removal.

Script Viruses

Script viruses are similar to boot viruses, as they corrupt the codes and commands in your system. When you find your operating system doing weird things when you want them to do something else, you could be under attack by a script virus.

You may think that viruses are no longer a serious threat. Well, think again. They make way for malware and spyware to get into your system, compromising important documents and information. Steer clear of these, and your files will be safe. In the event that your computer has been corrupted, you can rely on computer repair services for software and hardware fixes. We at PC Repair City LV might be the team you need in Las Vegas, NV, so call us now at (702) 359-3102.

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