Fed Up of Replacing Your Keyboard Everytime One of the Keys Falls Off?

Tips from a Laptop & Computer Services Provider on Loose Keyboard Keys

Have you ever had one or more keys fall off your keyboard, and would like to know how to put them back on? Well, we at PC Repair City LV have provided a few helpful tips so you do not have to worry about calling in a professional

laptop & computer services

in the dead of night. To date, there is still no universal repair guide due to the fact all keyboards are not the same.

Situation 1. The key cap and key retainer have come off your keyboard and you are unable to figure out how to put them back on.

First, carefully remove the cap so the key retainer remains connected to the keyboard. Take a look at the key retainer, as it is connected to your keyboard at 4 different points. Assemble the disconnected retainer exactly the same way as one on the keyboard, then simply put it back in. Place the key cap on the retainer and then gently snap it back in place.

Situation 2. The key has fallen off your keyboard and you have lost the cap or the retainer. In cases such as these, you can buy a single key on the Internet. Look for examples of you make and model of keyboard. Once you have your new key, put it back using the same method we described above.

Installing your space bar key.

Your space bar key is connected to the keyboard slightly differently than any of the other keys. It has a metal retainer connected to the spacebar key. You will need to separate the retainer from the space bar key using a flat head screwdriver. Put the retainer back in place, you will

, however, have to engage the retainer on the hooks on the keyboard. Gently place the space bar key back in and press on it with your fingertips until you hear it snap back into place.

We hope our tips were of help, however, if you live in the Las Vegas, NV area and are looking for professional

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