Easy Laptop Fixes

When to Take Your Computer to a PC Repair Company

We live in a world where our laptops are the main tool in our daily life, and it is inevitable that sooner or later we drop our notebook, spill something on it, or worse. Many people think that they can only fix it in a PC repair company in a manufacturer store, but there are some problems you can fix yourself in an easy and inexpensive way. In this blog post, we will explain how to fix some of the most common laptop problems.

One of the most common problems with laptops is the charger. If you usually travel with it or just move it around, sooner or later, it will break. There are also ways of detecting if your cable is about to break. If you feel it overheats, that is a clear sign that there is some problem with the cable. A quick solution is to wrap the cable in duct tape, and that fix should last a couple of weeks, if the problem repeats, then we suggest to search and buy the same charger model from a laptop & computer repair services center.

If your notebook case cracked, you can fix it with epoxy putty, sandpaper and a sharpie. First smooth the area you are going to fix with sandpaper, then apply the epoxy to cover the broken area. You can even paint over the epoxy with a sharpie. Finally, if the problem is with the fan, you can always open the system and clean the fan, or contact a laptop repair center to get the fan replaced for a new one.

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