4 Ways to Keep Malware Away from Your Computer

Tips From PC Repair Experts

Malware infection is one of the most common reasons why people hire a PC repair company. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to protect your computer against viruses and other malicious software and keep your data safe from cybercriminals. We’ve listed some of the steps you can take below:

Install a dependable anti-malware tool

High-quality anti-malware programs can effectively filter out virus-laden files and prevent them from infecting your PC. If you don’t yet have an anti-malware program on your computer, start looking for one that can provide you with excellent protection against viruses and other harmful software. You can opt for free versions or purchase a premium tool if you want to enjoy added protection.

Be suspicious of strangers’ emails

This is one of the golden rules of Internet use: if you don’t recognize the sender, don’t trust the contents of the email. You can even opt to delete the message right away. It might seem harsh, but the fact is that many programmers distribute their malware through emails. Avoid clicking on links in emails from strangers, and never download any attachments from them.

Use chat applications carefully

Email isn’t the only medium that hackers use! Many viruses nowadays are spread through the use of instant messaging apps, so be careful when using these applications to chat with people. This is especially true if you’re chatting with people you don’t really know.

Be wary of pop-ups

Many software providers nowadays will use pop-ups to remind you to download the latest software update. Unfortunately, a lot of hackers also use this tactic to distribute their malware. To prevent your PC from getting infected, ignore pop-up reminders and instead go to the software’s official website to download the update.

Use these tips to stay away from viruses and other kinds of malware. If you need more tips or if you’re already dealing with malware, contact PC Repair City LV and use our computer repair services in Las Vegas, NV. Dial (702) 359-3102 now to schedule an appointment with us!

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