4 Common PC Misconceptions about Viruses

A PC Repair Service Provider Explains

When it comes to computer viruses, you can hear many different things. However, you should not believe all of them. This article aims to debunk the most common myths about this widely-discussed topic. A proficient PC repair technician warns:


  • Misconception #1. Firewalls protect your device from viruses. It is surprising how many people believe that. The truth is that the firewall is not going to stop any viruses. It can only stop a worm because it travels over the network. But that doesn’t mean that you should disable your firewall. In fact, you should keep in enabled at all times, especially if you are on an insecure network. 

  • Misconception #2. Viruses can damage your hardware physically. This is another funny lie many people believe in. When your computer gets some kind of a virus, it’s not going to explode. It is true that when your computer gets infected by a dangerous virus you will have to take it to a professional or even buy a new one, but the hardware won’t get damaged. 

  • Misconception #3. Too many ”error” messages mean you have a virus. If you see too many of those messages, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your computer was infected by a virus. If you have any doubts or need help to deal with the situation, just contact a professional PC repairprovider.

  • Misconception #4. The blue screen of death means your device has been infected. It is true that some viruses cause the blue screen of death to appear. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a virus. 


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